Mud kitchens

Playing with mud supports many aspects of the EYFS curriculum.

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Experimenting as part of imaginative and cooperative play

The perfect material for supporting many aspects of the EYFS curriculum, playing with mud provides all sorts of different learning experiences for children. Not only do children express themselves creatively, they enhance fine motor skills whilst developing an understanding of the world.

Play and Learn

Children will explore and consolidate a range of skills such as filling, pouring, stirring, sieving and measuring. Not only are they developing new skills, but also new vocabulary as they are guided by an adult who will make suggestions and explain different techniques.
  • Gross & fine motor skills
  • Confidence
  • Mathematics
  • Decision making
  • Social play
  • Co-operative play
  • Problem solving
  • Literacy skills
  • Communication
  • Role play
  • Understanding of the world
  • Science

Our Range

  • Mud kitchen
  • Oak stumps
  • Oak plates
  • Soil trough
  • Balance scales
  • Ceramic sinks
  • Tables and benches
  • Chalk board
  • Trug tree
  • Play chip
  • Water
  • Sand

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