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October 2021

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Churchfields Infants contacted us in early 2021 in the hope of rejuvenating their pupils playground with a particular emphasis on encouraging social development and imaginative play. Our proposal sought to provide exactly that through dens, all weather social spots and a colourful canopy amphitheatre. In the year 1 playground we combined a mini snug den with some of our more accessible trim trail elements; a solid bridge, balance beams - one with an overhead rope and a scattering of balance stumps. This trail has been great for the little ones to build their mobility confidence. We included some windows in the snug den to help maintain visibility with teachers and peers whilst keeping the cosy style for children to have a respite area for reading or socialising. The bespoke sea themed canopy reflects the class names and provides a special sheltered outdoor learning space. The year 2 playground features a stunning amphitheatre to seat 60 children. This offers opportunities for the children to perform and develop confidence and creativity. Stump seats and a storytelling chair are the perfect addition for audience viewing and alternative seating. In this area we also provided a giant sand pit with interactive features such as pulleys and tipping bowls.
The finished product

A similar project to this would cost approx £55,000

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