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July 2022

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Climbing with bespoke canopy panel

We worked with Jewell Academy to transform their play space to an interactive, encouraging environment. Working with the site constraints we encouraged the school to make use of the bank that they had considered moving and flattening. We designed and installed a small climbing structure featuring a clamber net, a clamber ramp, balance beams with overhead ropes and balance stumps. The platform had a sea themed canopy roof to the tower designed by Year 5 pupil Gracie, adding colour to the climbing structure and sparking the children’s imagination. in a separate area nearby we also installed a water play unit with a vertical pulley system, stainless steel water trays and ‘log flumes’ - helping the children to develop their motor and coordination skills. This was installed into a pebble pit to provide texture and surfacing to the playground, different from the rubber mulch surfacing underneath the climbing.
The finished product

A similar project to this would cost £20,000

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